FreeFlow Medical Devices offers a unique slippery omniphobic coating for medical devices to resists pathogen colonization and thrombosis Breakthrough Technology $4 million NIH funding, 2019 KidneyX Honorable Mention

ECMO, Hydrocephalus Shunt, Neurovascular Stents, Hemodialysis Catheter, PICC

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About FreeFlow

FreeFlow Medical Devices has combined the IP and talent from Harvard Medical School (Wyss Institute) and NeverWet (, a world-leader in surface chemistry.

Medical Coatings

FreeFlow Medical Devices offers a unique omniphobic medical device coating which prevents both thrombosis and biofilm formation without Heparin or antibiotics.

Medical Devices

FreeFlow Medical Devices is tailoring its coating on specific devices. Check out our data!

FreeFlow's novel bio-passive technology uniquely solves challenges with both thrombosis and biofilm formation.

FreeFlow offers a unique slippery omniphobic coating for medical devices to resist pathogen colonization and thrombosis.

Thrombosis and infections are two grave, interrelated problems associated with any medical device that comes in direct contact with our bloodstream.

Systemic anticoagulants lead to significant side effects and limit emergency procedures.

Antibiotic impregnated catheters increase the risk of antibiotic resistant strains and are recommended for limited use by CDC.

Meet our Team

We integrate our engineers and chemists with leading clinicians in top hospitals and top university research labs to develop breakthrough medical devices.