FFMD offers a unique slippery omniphobic coating for medical devices to resists pathogen colonization and thrombosis.

Thrombosis and infections are two grave, interrelated problems associated with any medical device that comes in direct contact with our bloodstream.  

We integrate our engineers and chemists with leading clinicians in top hospitals and top university research labs to develop breakthrough medical devices.

Systemic anticoagulants is commonly used to reduce the risk of thrombosis.  However, this leads to other side effects e.g. increased bruising, intracranial or upper respiratory hemorrhages, and additionally it poses challenge to any emergency surgical procedure the patient may need to go through during hospitalization. Antibiotic impregnated catheters commercialized to reduce catheter associated blood stream infections increases the risk of antibiotic resistant strains and hence the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests limited use on high risk patients only. While other medical device companies are focused of solving either thrombosis or infections following a traditional path, our unique slippery omniphobic coating provides a novel bio-passive protection against both problems without using any antibiotic or anticoagulant or without utilizing any bioactive pharmaceutical ingredient.  While recurrent bacterial infections seeds from biofilms we eliminate the cause by not letting biofilm to develop on our device surface. [I don’t like the images below for “Thrombosis” and “Infection” along with the arrows. I would rather you grabbed an image from the Web to show these.] We also need to take away trade names such as “Bard” and use “Control” instead.