PICC line is a commonly used central venous catheter (CVL) which suffers from catheter associated thrombosis and infection.  Currently used antibiotic coated CVL has limited clinical success in resisting blood stream infection and may increase the risk of emerging antibiotic resistant strains. FreeFlow Medical Devices offer an antibiotic-free, fluoropolymer-immobilized, liquid perfluorocarbon-coated PICC line which is effective in reducing catheter associated thrombosis and pathogen colonization, as an alternative to antibiotic coated CVL. 

As compared in an independent medical device testing organization, FreeFlow Medical Devices offers a slippery coating which provides more effective solution to catheter associated thrombosis than any other product in today’s market.  Our superior effectiveness is a long-lasting solution under physiological flow conditions.

Biofilm formation on Commercialized Control PICC and FFMD PICC. (A, B) S. epi biofilm on Commercialized Control PICC. (C, D) S. aureus biofilm on Commercialized Control PICC. (E) S. epi single pathogen on FFMD PICC. (F) S. aureus single pathogen on FFMD. A comparison of quantified S. epi (G), S. aureus (H) biofilms in terms of viable cell count per cm (CFU/cm) of Commercialized Control PICC and FFMD PICC. FFMD PICC samples were isolated at various time points after exposing to physiological flow and the subsequent incubation with S. epi pathogen.

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